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    The New Ford Kuga: Know Everything Latest Update Here !!!

    The All-New Ford Kuga is a beautifully designed car model. And it is deemed remarkable and efficient as well. This car is coming to the market as per Ford’s commitment to offering 14 electric vehicles to the automobile market by the end of 2020. The Ford Kuga is available in three hybrid options: A Plug-in Hybrid, EcoBlue Hybrid, and the final Full Hybrid completing the trio. They are going to be well accomplished with the latest technologies of Ford’s advanced hybrid technologies. And they shall try to deliver a clean, quiet and more sophistical approach to SUV driving. They believe that selecting a colour is always easy, but deciding on it is still tricky. Hence, there are a no. of attractive colour options for the Ford Kuga.

    Talking of the plugin, its PHEV technology brings together the battery-powered electric motor with a 2.5 litre Duratec Petrol engine. The battery available can be charged anywhere, at stations, or the homes. It also facilitates to capture the energy spent during braking. There are claims that a fully charged PHEV Ford Kuga can go up to 35 miles on electric power all alone. Thus, making the total hybrid driving range of up to 465 miles.
    So, let us eagerly wait for the tech headed Ford Kuga as it promises a lot. And we shall surely find out the real-world scenarios for you.

    Furious Mad
    Furious Mad
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