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    The new Jaguar XJ moving

    It’s all about beauty, strength, and safety. Yes, I bring to you the new Jaguar XJ, which is light and durable aluminum body car. The excellent power to weight ratio is word of mouth for the exceptional performance of the beast, and the monocoque construction offers a great deal of improved handling and safety.

    The V6 turbocharged ED auto diesel engine power-ups the car with 8-speed transmission. It delivers a power of 225 KW and a torque of 689 Nm. The vehicle has been proposed to have the ability to reach 0 to 100 km/hr in 6.2 seconds and has got the top speed of 250 km/hrs.
    The new adaptive dynamics make it a great effort through itself to have a safe ride without disturbing any comfort through the journey, keeping it all stable through.

    The command is all yours after the start button. It provides two driving modes through the jaguar Drive control. They are the dynamic mode which offers you a more responsive acceleration and the winter mode to provide you with the progressive control on the slippery conditions.
    The car is provided with the all-surface progress control technology to guide it and steer it through all surfaces like the rough or the incline, hilly, or slippery.

    It has got the Meridian sound system to give you a concert type feel during the ride, and its algorithm is dedicated to all the passengers. Also, a pin-sharp rear seat entertainment by the Hd screen provided with wireless headphones and remote and of course, the USB and HDMI ports.

    To go for the security, its all the company give you through the alarm system and the engine immobilizer with standards. Use the key to remote lock the car and double lock it, and the doors are also programmed to get automatically get locked at a particular speed.

    It is the perfect car to be called the pinnacle saloon of the jaguar. It ha got the cutting edge technologies all equipped and the sporting vehicle dynamics with a great luxury to offer. So, lets head up for the test drive or something for an exceptional personal experience.

    Furious Mad
    Furious Mad
    Madhav Kumar is a student at BIT Sindri pursuing Electrical Engineering and has great interest in writing and research. He wants to share his experience with more people and also, learn from them.


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