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The ultimate EV wagon: Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

Porsche seems to be very serious about its verdict about electrifying its whole series as it announced the EV Turismo, which is still a concept but a great one. And we are just a few months back from the production starts. These new cars are going to be EV Stuttgart based automakers. The car is said to be having 90.0 kWh battery usable power with an areal range of 400 km. The efficiency has been estimated at around 22.5 kWh/110 km for the new sedan.

The car will be able to move from 0 to 100 km/hrs in 3.5 sec and will be having a top speed of 250 km/hrs. The total output power of the sedan will be 440 kW or 598 PS and a full torque of 900 Nm over the engine. The drive is going to be AWD.

The battery capacity is 96 kWh and is located on the right side front for a spacious design. The FC port is also located on the same counterpart. The charge port is type 2, and to go for 400 km, you will have to charge it for 5 hours. The charge speed is 83km/hrs. The car has CCS fast-charge port and takes 23 mins to be charged from 23 to 320 km range. There are no co2 emissions as the vehicle is fully electric.

The car is spacious with its 4950 lengths, 1990 width, and 1420 height. The empty weight is 2300 kg and wheelbase of 2900mm. It has enough space for four people has got a stationed car body with F luxury segments. The range of the car varies from 290 km in highway cold weather conditions to 565 km in city mild weather conditions.

The design is to be expected as not much different from the Mission E Cross Turismo Concept that had been revealed at the Geneva Motor show 2018. The road-legal vehicle is still but a go at the transformation. It is likely to lose aggression and the styled diffuser in the front bumper and is going to be replaced by the conventionally shaped grille with a lot many sensors for safety and handling. The EV is also moving on with the additional LED lights on the hood, and we also expect a change for the air intake design and shapes to change.


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