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The New Versatile Alfa Romeo Montreal Vision GT

If you are a supercar and sports car lover, then you must have come across the name Alfa Romeo, a company established in 1910 has competed successfully in Grand Prix motor racing, Formula One, sportscar racing, touring car racing, and rallies. The company’s journey was similar to roller coaster ride with many ups and downs during world war and after that but it has still managed to get above that and be the limit pusher in the auto industry.

Luca Serafini, the man behind Mustang SUV has come up with the brand new Montreal Vision GT which on first look reminds you of Alfa Romeo Montreal the awesome sports car that was the ultimate hit of its time.

It has the same V8 engine as its predecessor Alfa Romeo Montreal with a capacity of 4.5 litres and a specification of 450bhp and 428lb. It drives the rear wheels through a seven-speed sequential gearbox, while stopping power comes courtesy of stocky vented discs, measuring 390mm at the front, 355mm rear. The top speed of 199mph shows that the car follows its tradition of being an extraordinary supercar.

The car weighs 900kg and has carbon monocoque chassis, while suspension comprises motorsport style pushrods. To make it fit for the speed lovers, the springs and dampers are adjustable and with 47/53 front/rear weight distribution that makes its handling easy and allow it to reach its top speed without any difficulty.

In addition, its design can astonish any car lover as it is reminiscent of original Montreal, as it has Alfa Romeo’s signature triangular grille, hood-mounted vents, and dual headlights with nifty louvers all carry over. The wheels feature multi-spoke design, while the rear hood and rear diffuser are shaped similar to original Montreal and the taillights retain the original placement.

One may not be wrong if he says that the new Montreal Vision GT is a tribute to the original Montreal and carries forward most of its design. The car is the story of designers, races, and engines that stand as the technological and sporting milestone and the Montreal Vision GT is the sum of all these parts. Inspired by a true racing DNA, the car carries on the legacy of manufacturing a devastating, an all inspiring, and a true conqueror sports car.


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Saransh Pandey
Saransh Pandey
Pursuing Mechanical engineering from National Institute of technology ,Agartala

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