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    Toyota Copen GR Sport: A Newly Reborn KEI Line-Up Car From World’s Safety Leader.

    One of the World’s market leader in sales of hybrid electric vehicles and also crowned as the World’s undisputed company to encourage the mass-market adoption of hybrid vehicles across the globe. Yes, I think this much information is enough to guess the name of the motor company associated, a name titled with World’s renowned safety leaders.

    Fuelled with the motto “strive to reflect continuous improvement,” the company was the Sixth largest company in the World by revenue in 2018.

    Toyota motor corporation is a Multinational Automotive company heading from Aichi, Japan. The company is also involved in manufacturing luxury vehicles, commercial vehicles and engines.

    The Toyota’s Copen GR sports are inspired by Kei sports cars, and transforming the regular Kei car manufactured Sombre Daihatsu by adding some new color elements and blending some racing features in the previous model.

    This new Micro-sports car is loaded with tons of new and upgraded features making it somewhat different from the regular KEI sports car. The new model is confirmed to be sporting a 660cc three-cylinder turbocharged engine under its hood providing a 63 Ps power and 92Nm of maximum torque.

    The main upgraded feature of the Copen GR sports is the chassis and handling department. With an advanced torque vectoring system and tractive control system, handling the vehicle is far more easy as compared to usual Kei cars.

    The Copen GR weights only about 900kg and mated with a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox providing different speed profiles. The new model supports a front-wheel-drive technology with the help of new advanced CVT(continuously variable transmission) technology.

    This convertible car is loaded with much-advanced features including a power steering, new front brake, an updated spring rates and dampers.

    These are claimed to achieve a perfect balance while driving. The interiors are Recaro sport-inspired with a high-quality GR embroidery and a new and upgraded Instrument panel with a more stylish dashboard.

    According to the recent reports the model is expected to be only available in the Japanese market first. Currently no confirmation is available regarding the launch date and pricing of the model for the Indian market.


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