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    The Orville Season 3: Plot, Cast and what to expect

    The Orville is a popular comedy-drama inspired by Star trek. The TV series has been popular among fans ever since its release in 2017. Season 2 of The Orville was just wrapped up in April 2020 leaving fans wanting more.

    For those of you who haven’t watched it yet, We highly recommend it. The show is set in the future, about 400 years ahead and revolves around a mid-level exploratory space vessel the “USS Orville”, the crew onboard and how they deal with multiple scenarios.

    So, here we’re going to tell you everything we know about the upcoming season of The Orville. So let’s jump right in.

    Release Date Of Season 3

    While the makers have confirmed, there will be another season of the widely popular comedy-drama an official release date I yet to be announced. The outbreak of the pandemic has slowed progress and has stalled the filming which had already begun in March 2020. It was earlier expected that we would get another season of the space comedy by late 2020. However, with productions stalled and the rise of the pandemic we don’t expect season 3 to be released earlier than 2021.

    The Cast

    Season 3 will see the return of the major leads: Seth McFarlane as the protagonist Ed Mercier, Adrianne Palicki as Kelly Grayson, Scott Grimes as Gordon Malloy, Penny Johnson Jerland as Claire Finn and Peter Macon as Commander Bortus. Actors, Mark Jackson, Jessica Szohr, and Anne Winters will also be seen. Halston Sage who does the role of Alara Kit an will not be seen tho season.

    The Plot Of The Orville Season 3

    THE ORVILLE: L-R: Penny Johnson Jerald, Mark Jackson, Seth MacFarlane, Peter Macon, Scott Grimes, Adrianne Palicki, J. Lee and Halston Sage in THE ORVILLE premiering this fall on FOX. ©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Noah Schutz/FOX

    Not much has been revealed about the plot by the producers as of yet. Unfortunately, a trailer or teaser has also not been launched so far, as much of the filming is yet to be done. So, there are no plot points we can decipher from that either. However, the executive producer of the show, David A. Goodman, stated that the plot this time will revolve more around Isaac and what he did last season. The show will cling to its format and there are several unanswered questions yet to be revealed.

    As of now all we can do is wait for the new season to air. We will try our best to keep you updated about whatever new revelations unfold.




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