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    The Story of Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R owned by Leon in the Fast and furious.

    It was quite obvious for all to see the most minor character from the fast and furious with one of the coolest cars. We are going to have a discussion over Leon and his bright yellow R33 Nissan Skyline.

    These questions were put up many times and guess where we got the answer from. Crag Lieberman, the technical director of the Fast and Furious, first three movies came to our rescue with his answers.

    He was there with Sean Morris who took all the care of Nissan GT-r, a lovely car and nicknamed Big Bird. Morris had his job at the Motor Rex at that time. It was the duty of MotorREx to import the handful of Nissan GT-r in a legal way into U.S. company counter part. There is another story of it of importing other models as well.

    The car was initially black and white but later painted yellow. Leiberman had to go through a discussion of the car in the film. It was an eye catching thing and deserved a spot. The air import of the car would have been too much or a duplicate as well. Only one single car used for so many shots. There was also the issue of Paul Walker’s Toyota Supra with the GT-r Nissan.

    So, what is the story? What exactly happened to the car after the shots?
    The car was imported for the show and later forgotten. The import was done on a temporary basis. Morris had decided to even sell it off tom someone in Georgia after blowing the Engines. But, later it was someone else who bought it. He was somewhere from Wisconsin. Later there were a lot of charges swooped in by the government on modifying cars. This may sound not so good. The charges were too high and were on to the owners.

    On the same rules, the car was confiscated and crushed, and gosh, it was gone. Yes, Leon’s bright yellow Nissan GT-R is gone for the taxes.

    Furious Mad
    Furious Mad
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