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    The Supreme Nissan IMx

    Nissan IMx focuses on electrification and vehicle intelligence and to change the basic idea of driving.

    Nissan IMx prevails with the ProPilot mode (the auto-driving). This electric car powers up with a dual motor version. The main design focuses on offering a fully autonomous driving, which requires no human interference.

    Satou Tai, the executive design director of the IMx, says that the overall design was inspired by traditional Japanese culture.

    Tai approaches the different ways of expressing space inside and outside of the car. In general, the buildings are separated from a thick wall or a compound. But in Japanese Culture, a building is lined with a thin Shoji, a paper screen which gives you an idea of what’s outside through the movement of light and shadows, as well as sound. Tia says that when he looks for the solutions of the spacing problem, he struck with the idea of autonomous driving.

    In Japanese culture, In the martial of kendo, the fighter holds a bamboo sword, maintaining a constant distance from his opponent. He uses his agility and quick actions to defeat the opponent. Tia develops the same in case of the vehicle design. IMx burst into rapid acceleration at a moment’s notice.

    Japanese swords may look fragile, but in reality, it is flexible and robust. It symbolizes the strength and beauty backed by high technology. It resembles the SUV with autopilot mode.

    The other objective of the IMx design is that it should exemplify electric vehicles. As a result, the front face of the IMx is highlighted with Nissan’s signature V- motion grille. The silhouette defines a roofline that flows smoothly from front to rear. The IMx in fully autonomous drive mode, the roof illuminates in a blue hue. The blue LED lights, placed in a block pattern(interlocking wood puzzle –  Kumiki in Japanese tradition), creating a circular ripple effect. This classy version ranges to 300 miles. E- Pedal gives you a fun,  easy way to drive using only the accelerator to start, accelerate, decelerate, and to stop the vehicle. The Automated Intelligent Mobility boosting up with the 100 % electric drive system builds on the EV technology.

    Danya Bathala
    Danya Bathala
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