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Toyota Europe boss aims at Tough Profit

Toyota Europe boss aims at Tough Profit

Looking at the present scenario, the works of the activists and environmentalists, it has become a great task to toll out profits for Toyota.

Most of the cars in the market at the present time, by Toyota European sales, are hybrid.

And the success of these models is contributing a lot to the automaker’s sustained profit in the region.

This is also making the move of putting the automakers in a position to achieve the EU’s tougher CO2 emissions reduction target for the next year.

These terms are going to get Toyota on its hard time as Toyota will be finding it tough to draw out a profit.

Toyota will have to work and buy and install expensive full-electric engines in its vehicles.

And there are going to be more plug-in hybrids in Europe it seems now. These terms were discussed by Johan Van Zyl, who has been leading Toyota Europe since 2015.

Further, talking on the profits of the company this year, he said that Europe is a tough market, but they will be striving for the 8 percent, which now is 4.2. they don’t want to be 8 this year and a 0 the next and merely planning on sustained margins.

They re not planning for a much big target but if that happens, then that would be a miracle.

The low profits may account for the electrification changes going in the industry as President Akio Toyoda suggested.

Talking of the capacity utilization, they mentioned that they are working three shifts in Turkey and France while two shifts in Russia, the UK, and the Czech Republic.

They may be planning for full utilization in the future. They are also looking forward to the Aygo minicar as it had been a good product for them and brings young people to our brand but they will replace it sooner.

And they have left the electrification process on the future aspect for a segment for sub A segment.

There are more of such improvised results and so stay tuned.


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