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Recession: TVS vehicle sales down 29% in December

Sales of Chennai-based TVS Motor declined by 15 percent in December. This decline is according to the data for December 2019, which is 14.67 percent lower than in December 2018. Recently, the company gave this information in its last month’s sales report. According to the report, 2,31,571 units of TVS have been sold in December 2019. Whereas in December 2018, it sold 2,71,395 units.

domestic market

Talk about the domestic market, in December 2019, the company sold 1,57,244 units, which was 2,09,906 units in December 2018. If seen, TVS has reduced 25% sales in the Indian market in December 2019 as compared to December 2018.

Motorcycle segment

TVS has sold 1,07,189 motorcycles in December 2019. Whereas, in December 2018, 93,697 motorcycles were sold. In comparison, TVS sales in the motorcycle segment have fallen by 12.5 percent.

Scooter segment

Similarly, in December 2019, 74,716 scooters of TVS have been sold. Whereas in December 2018, it sold 91,480 scooters. That is, TVS sales have also fallen 18 percent in the scooter segment.

Three-wheeler sale

However, the company’s three-wheeler sales have registered a growth of 26 percent. Three-wheeler sales increased to 15,952 units in December 2019 from 12,686 units in December 2018. The company said its total exports in December rose by 22 percent to 73,512 units from 60,262 units in the same month a year ago.


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