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    Until Baku in June will just launch the 2020 Formula 1 season.

    Formula 1 can be scheduled to launch in June for the Baku 2020 season. For these months, coronavirus can disrupt events.

    Sports leaders announce the Bahrain GP within the next month. The Vietnam situation ultimately postponed the formal annulment of the Australian grand prize.

    Leaks revealed that some teams in Melbourne have already reported that they are not going to play as a McLaren team member with coronavirus in Bahrain. Despite the chaos.

    The situation in Vietnam has become unsustainable. As the country’s attempts to control. The coronavirus epidemic has imposed stringent new travel restrictions.

    But the F1 now poised to take over the Grand Prix of the Netherlands, Spain, and Monaco. Despite increasing proof that the global pandemic will only escalate over Europe in the next few weeks.

    This may have meant this F1 is preparing for its first meeting in Baku on June 7, and instead it tends to slow down in a limited calendar.

    Statements Given By Chase Carey:

    Chase Carey, CEO F1 said Friday in Melbourne that the sport planned to difficult to tackle in the face of the quickly emerging coronavirus situation.

    We’re also concentrating this weekend on fixing the problems. A statement by him.

    Of reality, I came from Vietnam only because we’re dreaming about the coming races with our friends.

    I suppose what we really want to do at this stage is to ensure. That we work with and cope with the issues properly.

    Over the next few days. We will definitely discuss future activities.

    It’s a pretty tough situation to actually forecast. It’s a dynamic scenario that everyone uses, of course.

    Today’s condition is different from two days ago. Which is different from four days ago.

    So, as it moves rapidly it is difficult to look out and make these kinds of forecasts.


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