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    Volkswagen aim of reaching “to the millions , and not just millionaires” Not Working With Current BEV Pricing

    Volkswagen, the world biggest carmaker company, is going through a period of transition in which the company is trying to give itself a makeover by working on the MEB model for electric cars and trying to bring an exciting era in the automobile market.

    This sudden change has been sparked by the diesel-cheating scandal which plunged it into the worst crisis in its history and has cost it more than $30 billion. The Volkswagen cars sold during this period polluted the atmosphere much more times than allowed and thus was a great shame for the company.

    Just four years after the scandal, the company has the ambition to become the world’s electric car leader. The company is working on the BEV model, which has paved the path for the new electric models like battery-powered ID3 and ID4 models.

    Volkswagen aim is to bring electric mobility “to the millions, and not just the millionaires” but the dilemma lies in its cost, its cost will restrict it from entering it into hearts of the masses. The price of ID4 is expected to start in the high $30,000s and land — after the $7,500 federal tax credit — in the lower $30,000s for most U.S. buyers.

    With such a high cost the demands of the electric vehicle would go down, and the Volkswagen group will not be able to reach its aim of bringing the electric vehicle within every customer range, and the $50 billion Volkswagen says it has poured into the development of its coming fleet of BEVs would go in vain.

    BMW, Jaguar Land Rover and PSA Group have rejected VW’s solution of a stand-alone platform; instead, they are creating flexible platforms that encompass combustion and electric drivetrains because they belive cost and complexity reduction of Volkswagen BEV model is a difficult job.

    It has to either decrease the rate of the models, or the other solution could be subsidizing its first BEV in the U.S. into a price under $30,000 thus it could help it getting a wider acceptance and thus it would make it easy for the future BEV model electric car’s to reach customer’s heart.

    The step taken by Volkswagen can prove to be a great milestone as it can bring a green revolution in the automobile market.

    Saransh Pandey
    Saransh Pandey
    Pursuing Mechanical engineering from National Institute of technology ,Agartala


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