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UAW-GW negotiations Overhauling training centres


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This piece of news refers to Detroit. The UAW members from the General Motors U.S. plants have been on strike. And the attack has been for 19 days. There has been no solution, and the contract negotiation has dragged on. The definitive answer at present seems to be only at one point. There may be a thing on which both sides can agree together, and it is the UAW-GW centre for Human Resources overhaul.

While everyone seems to favour for the training of workers, And we go to expect the possibilities of the significant changes coming for the Detroit Training centre. The union leaders have been stuck and busy upon the federal Corruption probe over the past two years. It was last year when the first GM-UAW official changed, and he pleaded guilty to commit fraud and money laundering. He was the official in the union’s General Motors department before his retirement in July.

A detective through Past…

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There are possibilities that Joe Ashton, former UAW vice president who led the GM department from 2010 to 2014 may also find his names on the list of accused. There is certain news of an official who allegedly took kickbacks during his time of office. In 2014, Ashton had been the leading representative of the union to join GM’s board.

He resigned in 2017 amongst the federal probe that came for training centres and was under the union and Detroit automakers. Later, Jeffery Pietrzyk, Ashton’s former assistant also was expected to plead guilty, and he claimed to acquire $123,000 from an alleged conspiracy with the other union officials for bribes and kickbacks related to a vendor contract related to watches, backpacks, jackets and similar items.

The words from Peasants…

Workers from the picket lines have made it clear over the past three weeks that the corruption among the top leaders must be separated from the labour contract negotiations. And they must be kept clear as two different issues to bargain with. The crime still hangs as the top floor while the new officials of UAW indicated clouds persisting over their talks as well.

Labour outside the Detroit assembly could be heard saying that a lot of people judge and doubt their leadership due to the news stuff, but they have full faith in the leaders and believe they are doing the right thing by standing along them.

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