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    Volvo Polestar 1 Info We Uncovered The 7 Best Details

    Polestar is Volvo’s onetime de-facto success subsidiary that, with a little support from Volvo’s cash-flush Chinese parent company, Geely, has transformed into a fully realized electrified brand.

    No surprise, in our recent review we were pleased with the efficiency of this powerful gasoline-electric hybrid system which also gave us plenty of time to get close to the seductive two-door coupe.

    Sexy and very quick, the Polestar is also filled with awesome Easter egg info you might not know if you just happened to one on the street — so we’ve dug up the coolest seven for you:

    Few and a long way between:

    Second, you’re unlikely to just find a Polestar 1 in the wild. They’re super-rare. In the first year, Polestar will only build 1,500 examples; only 130 of which will be intended for the U.S. market.

    You really shouldn’t call It a Volvo:

    There are Polestar logos everywhere you look. All from the hood and trunk logos to the windows and wheel hubs emblem of Polestar. Drop the hood and rummage about long enough. You will finally find a couple of hoses and other small parts marked with “Volvo.”

    No Chunk In That Trunk:

    The Polestar trunk is almost disproportionately small.

    As most car manufacturers do, Polestar might have tucked the wiring underground but instead chose to show off its electrification in quite an innovative manner.

    From 1959:

    The expression “Since 1959” engraved on the Polestar 1 seat belt buckle. It is a fact so minute that it may never hear by future car owners. But it filled with historical importance.

    Fast-golden accents, everywhere:

    Polestar prides itself on being a brand of success. As such, a kind of burnt-yellow color applied to some key performance sections to show off some extra sportiness — or just for a splash of pizazz.

    Take a look:

    If you get an opportunity to sit inside a Polestar 1 lookup. You will note the roof almost entirely made of glass. That’s not new these days in the luxury or coupe parts, but it’s a little Polestar emblem that projected onto the glass.

    Check all around:

    The interior is two-tone: a luscious ivory color on the front seats and black leather on the rear seats. Although most of the switchgear comes from Volvo, these simple touches really distinguish the Polestar from the Volvo range of “low.”



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