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    VW CEO Happy For Tesla INC Potential and Earnings !!!

    Tesla INC. And its owner Elon Musk saw praises from VW CEO again. And this time, they were the center of words for their profit figures even in pandemic situations. And that shows the electric power of vehicles. According to CEO Herbert Diess, it is VW’s Porsche sports division and the Tesla that is going to navigate through the market hit by the pandemic in a perfect matter. And he firmly now believes that the companies leading soon will be those itself, the mobility company. And he is sure of these due to the data sent by Elon Musk.

    Elon Musk and VW CEO were in talking terms always. And they praise each other worth for their efforts in bringing up the electric to the automobile. And the Tesla is now a very valuable US company automaker, with shares quadrupled. Also, for Volkswagens, the push into the electric market with a huge five year planned investment with 30 billion euros. However, the start was bumpy with ID3 with some software issues. But they look forward to better innings still waiting for them.

    It was in early 2019, and Tesla came up with a plan to convince investors of going from a vast industry scale to being a powerhouse in technology. The program is on, but there are investors still ready to get convincing.

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    Furious Mad
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