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Weber considers two Schumacher’s in F1 as “Cool”

On 8th May, Willi Weber says it would be “cool” to have two new Schumacher’s on the Formula 1 grid. Though he fell out with the family of Michael Schumacher after the skiing accident, Willi Weber was a key figure in the seven-time world champion’s meteoric F1 career. Now, Michael’s son Mick is banging on the Formula 1 door, while David Schumacher – the son of Michael’s brother Ralf – is also advancing on a single-seater career.18-year-old David’s media profile got a boost after the joining in with the online sim racing trend, racing for Racing Point in the latest official race.

F1 CEO Chase Carey said this week that they are going to continue with their virtual GP racing till they return to the tracks. Weber, who was Michael Schumacher’s manager for some time claims to be still in touch with his other former charge, David’s father Ralf. They still have cell talks. He added. They have shut down Michael’s old karting team and moved back to Hall Wang with David. He is now focused on formula racing and David’s career.

He believes it to be cool really. It will make him feel good to see them both and will keep his fingers crossed for both of them. He too wants to see the tracks run normally as he misses the motorsports a lot. Weber brought forward that he recently took part in some interviews for an official Michael Schumacher documentary as well. The film team meets him many times and for various scenes. He stated that Ralf was there, but had no interest in it. Speaking straight, he went and commented on the driving side and not on the private side.

As for the corona crisis, Weber also said F1’s current plan for ‘ghost races’ is the “only option” at present to get up and running again “under these circumstances”. He added that the vaccine is the only thing to bring back the spirit of the game and the spectators. Till then, it’s all off.

In addition to money, people also need fun and distractions again, otherwise, the worries will start to dig in.


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