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What is special about Andy Cowell’s departure from Mercedes?

Talking about Formula one and its races, hat we all look for? Yes, Winners. But what does it take to be a winner? It is always the teams that win, not an individual. It takes a lot of talent and innovative people working with harmony, with the best tools and support, which creates a team. Individuals are no doubt absolute praiseworthy. Talking of Lewis Hamilton, the best of this time. He is the greatest driver of his generation. He is the key to the cog dominance Mercedes owns now in Championship. It is Toto’s team management creating a team that can’t take a break from winning. But what we shall talk about here is the efforts of Andy Cowells. It was the powers of Ldo Costa which provided technical heights to the Silver Arrows. And, after being with 16 years and have developed the best team, He is leaving the reigning team.

The timing, is perfect, for him. There are new rules coming up, new aero regulations and all. If he wants, he may continue, and Mercedes are trying to keep him in as much possible. Also, Hamilton will get some time to think about his new plans, as the key to his power team now is somewhat less. It happens before he resigns and is very significant. Cowell is available to rivals or not is bg question. We still are in doubt about his future steps.



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