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    With two new paint schemes, Suzuki Katana introduced

    The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the cancelations of this year’s motorcycle shows in Tokyo and Osaka. The two main gatherings for Japanese manufactures to exhibit new releases and upgrades. So, manufacturers are now producing their interactive exhibits to display their new deals. Suzuki has also produced its version following the Honda Virtual Motorcycle Show last week.

    One of the ‘cast’ bikes is the modern era Katana and has unveiled by the maker with two new paint schemes. The first is a deep red color with matching wheels and a gold-colored handlebar and fork. While the second is a matte black paint that is more in line with what’s available at the moment.

    Interestingly, this scheme comes with a gold-colored handlebar and fork, and gold-colored spokes. Additionally, the Katana badge was painted in gold on this bike as well.
    Currently, Suzuki has not stated that these latest color schemes will go into development and will gage their online success before making the decision.

    Suzuki Katana landing in India after 2020

    Suzuki first showed all of its domestic BS6 line-ups at Auto Expo 2020. The highlight at the stand. However, it was a motorcycle not available in our country-the Katana. The fact that Suzuki took down the bike to the show fuelled speculation. That this year the company was planning a launch in India.

    We have now heard in an interview with Koichiro Hirao, Managing Director, Suzuki Motorcycle India. And Devashish Handa, Vice President, Suzuki Motorcycle India. With that in 2020, the motorcycle will not find its way here.

    The Katana on sale internationally has not been modified to follow Euro 5 (BS6) requirements. And if that happens, Suzuki India must gage the attention of customers before deciding to start the bike here. Hirao confirmed the survey takes place over a few months. And because it would take time for the bike to comply with BS6. We will only hope to see the bike here in 2021.


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