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    We Know Everything About Sex Education season 3 In Netflix

    If you gobbled up all eight episodes of Sex Education Season Two in a breathless weekend binge, just to leave you desperately needing more, you are not alone. In just eight 45-minute installments, Season Two spanned a dazzling breadth of topics as well as its usual forays into the bizarre and wonderful world of nascent adolescent sexuality, including mental health, sexual harassment, and addiction, amongst others. The sole remedy is a season, but we might have to wait a while. This is what we know so far about a possible Season Three.

    Will There Be a Season Three?

    At a tweet, Netflix declared that Sex Education was renewed for another season.

    Writer and founder Laurie Nunn expect that Sex Education will last beyond the third season. “I like writing these characters,” she said to LadBible. “It is such a major ensemble and I feel the subject of the series about it being about relationships and sex it just offers up endless narrative opportunities. I believe the show certainly has legs if Netflix is nice enough to allow me to keep writing it and let Ben [Taylor] keep directing it.”

    When Will Season Three Come Out?

    Netflix’s announcement came with no official word on a release date, but the streaming giant’s previous distribution patterns provide us some hints. Season one dropped in January 2019 and season two fell in January 2020, therefore it’s safe to assume that we can anticipate Season Three in January 2021.

    What Will Season Three Be About?

    It is anyone’s guess where the creative team will take the students of Moordale High in Season Three, but dependent on the loose ends of the Season Two finale, we have a couple of guesses. Life in the Milburn household is destined judging by the unexpected pregnancy of Jean. Sex Instruction has done remarkably sensitive, heartfelt storytelling about abortion before, so Jean might opt to terminate her late-in-life pregnancy. Whatever the case, Jean will likely need to notify Otis and Jakob, adding new dramatic tension to her already-fraught relationships with the men in her life.

    Romantic pairings might also be in for a shuffle once we ring in a new season. Season Three will likely tackle the fallout from Eric’s conclusion to publicly finish his relationship with Rahim and take up with Adam, that, at a grand gesture at the institution’s galactic production of Romeo & Juliet, declared both his bisexuality and his love for Eric. Meanwhile, Season Three may also provide clarity over the season two finale cliffhanger about Maeve and Otis. In a surprising act of duplicity, Maeve’s lovelorn neighbor Isaac drove a wedge between Maeve and Otis, for he will likely be held to account in a potential Season Three. As for Jean and Jakob, Jakob might be driven to update his position on getting back together if he sees about Jean’s pregnancy.

    Who’s Coming Back for Season Three?

    With any shocking cast exits, it’s safe to forecast that series regulars Asa Butterfield (Otis), Gillian Anderson (Jean), Ncuti Gatwa (Eric), and Emma Mackey (Maeve) will return. As for the supporting cast, it’s difficult to imagine anyone leaving but Anne-Marie Duff, that delivered a breathtaking performance as Maeve’s estranged mother, and that ended the season in the back of a social services van.

    There you have it, folks. Season Three is a very long way off, but we feel it’s safe to say it’s well worth the wait.


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