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10 Common Causes of Truck Accidents

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Truck accidents can be disastrous and result in some of the worst injuries and fatalities because of the size difference between commercial trucks and typical passenger cars. There was a 51% increase between 2009 and 2021 in fatal crashes involving heavy vehicles in the United States.

Let’s discuss some of the common causes of truck accidents.

Ineffective brakes

Most trucks are equipped with air brakes, bringing a loaded truck to a halt at 35 to 40 mph in about 100 feet. These 80,000 lb. trucks become a devastating force on the road when the air brake system malfunctions. Even if a truck driver consistently pumps the brakes as advised, malfunctions can still happen, creating a hazardous situation.

Blind Spot Accidents

Trucks in particular have “no zone” areas that might cause an accident. If you can’t see the driver in his side mirror, they can’t see you either. Trucks have blind areas on their left and right sides and they can’t get an idea of the vehicle that is following too closely behind.


Major trucking companies use speed limiters or speed trackers on company vehicles, but not all trucks are equipped with this technology. Trucks are substantially bigger than cars; thus, speeding is especially riskier for truck drivers because trucks gain the momentum slowly while speeding, and the driver has less control. When truck accidents happen, it is always recommended to hire a truck lawyer to represent your case and get you the money. However, make sure you do your research and fully learn what a truck accident lawyer does, so that you can be certain hiring one would be right for your situation.

Swinging Turns

Swinging turn accidents also called “squeeze play accidents” occur when trucks collide while turning. One of three things can go wrong during a swinging turn:

  • When a truck turns right while swinging left (or right to make a left turn)
  • When a truck turns too quickly, it may strike other cars in the front.
  • Failing to turn wide enough, cramming automobiles up against the truck

Harsh weather

Adverse weather can make it harder for truckers to operate vehicles and reduce their visibility. Fog, wind, snow, ice, and rain can result in multi-truck and multiple-car pile ups with serious injuries.

Bad lighting

Truck drivers may have restricted visibility at night if the highways or roads are not well illuminated. This makes blind spots worse. They might also find it more difficult to notice curves, narrower roads, or other motorists.


Rollovers are the most frequent sort of truck accident. Sometimes, the driver loses control and the truck begins to slide sideways. In that case,  any obstacle including a curb, guardrail, uneven ground, another car, etc., can trip up a truck. A truck that turns too sharply is also at risk of rolling over, especially if it is hauling a full or unbalanced load. Truck rollovers are exceedingly dangerous and result in fatalities.

Bald or blowout tires

Truck tires endure tremendous wear and tear due to their large loads and travel distances. When a tire blows out, it can occasionally result in an accident and could cause significant damage or death.

Overfilled Cargo

There are restrictions on how much weight a truck is allowed to carry. Truck drivers risk losing control of their vehicle and causing an accident if they exceed the set limit.

Loose items 

Trucks that are not properly packed may lose some of their cargo during transport, resulting in falling items that may cause an accident. Truck drivers must legally hold their cargo securely so that nothing falls onto the road. The only exceptions are clear water or feathers from flying birds.


When a truck collision happens, determine whether anyone at the scene needs medical assistance. In general, truck accidents are highly dangerous, and everyone affected needs to receive the proper medical attention.

Second, refrain from speaking with a trucking firm without a knowledgeable truck accident attorney. The truck business may attempt to reach an agreement. However, without an attorney, you risk losing out on all the fees and expenses related to treating your wounds, repairing property damage, and making up for lost wages.

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