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10 things every Formula-1 fan should be excited for in 2020

Yes, there’s a dawning of a new age of Formula 1 because in 2021.But before that, we have a year in prospect that’s set to be an absolute corker.Here’s 10 reasons why…

1. An intriguing , motorist -concentrated title fighter

ght 2021 will Almost Inevitably Mean That a Motorist from the group which gets on top of the new regulations fastest will come out on top that year.

But in 2020, with all the cars likely to be Subtle Evolutions of the 2019 Predecessors, what we ought to have in store rather is a delicious, driver-focused garbage for the championship — with a plethora of genuine contenders.

All three of Mercedes Ferrari and Red Bull revealed that they could win races, with five out of the six drivers out of these teams taking victories.

So… a Max Verstappen title tilt in 2020? Charles Leclerc’s first championship bid? Valtteri Bottas 2.77? Title #5 for Car #5 (Sebastian Vettel)? As Lewis Hamilton’s opponents seem to spoil his party in 2020 all are potential this season.

2. The juiciest driver market

Oh, we all love a good bit of seasoning that is silly.

But while the game of musical chairs of 2019 did pop in the way we may have expected, 2020’s might be alternative.

Sebastian Vettel’s contract is up at the end of the year at Ferrari.

So also is Max Verstappen’s in Red Bull, as well as the two Hamilton’s and Bottas‘ at Mercedes.

The futures just three drivers — Sergio Perez, Charles Leclerc and Esteban Ocon — are set in stone past the end of 2020.

These 2021 regulations’ coming , subsequently, could bring some intriguing driver changes with them too.

3. Hamilton poised to get more record breaking
By now, we’re utilized to viewing Lewis Hamilton bashing through documents such as Miley Cyrus‘ wrecking ball that was proverbial.

But 2020 could see him take two doozies that could mathematically cement his reputation among the best of time.

Michael Schumacher’s main career stats stand at 91 wins and seven titles.

Championship-wise, Hamilton would match the German when he takes the title this year — while if Hamilton, together with 84 Grand Prix triumphs into his name at Abu Dhabi 2019, win eight occasions in 2020 (as he’s done every season since 2014), he will trump Schumacher’s victory record.

With Hamilton currently F1s King of Qualifying (his Abu Dhabi 2019 pole was his 88th, while Schumacher took 68 in his career), the Briton seems poised to become the sport’s records overlord in 2020.

4. Raikkonen to re-write history books

Speaking of breaking records, everyone’s favourite taciturn Finn stands in 2020 on the precipice of one that is big as well.

Assuming he begins 2020’s first 10 races, round 11 of this year in Austria will see as he surpasses the record of Grand Prix starts of Rubens Barrichello Kimi Raikkonen become Formula 1 driver of all time.

On such a momentous occasion, it is going to doubtless be difficult for Kimi to keep his feelings in check — but we are sure he’ll manage somehow…

5. The first ever Vietnam Grand Prix

As Vietnam gets ready to host the World Championship for the first time, there is always a frisson of excitement when Formula 1 arrives at a new country, and 2020 will once more see the game take on uncharted territory.

The inaugural Vietnam Grand Prix will be particularly exciting, given that the Hanoi Motor Sport Circuit is your first ever track that Formula 1 itself was instrumental in designing.

The circth5.6km uit will feature a 1.5km right, in addition to sections intentionally made to ape e best pieces of other fantastic circuits, to create what needs to be a proper drivers’ track, in one of Southeast Asia’s most lively and populous cities.

6. A return to Zandvoort

And speaking of drivers’ paths, in Formula 1 will return into an icon which initially appeared in 1952 again on the calendar.

The 31st Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort — a course F1 last raced in 1985 — will see house hero Max Verstappen and co..

Do struggle about the flowing and fast circuit, which has had a spritzing of modernisation to accommodate F1 modern machines.

That includes banking both the Hugenholtz and Arie Luyendijk corners, the latter allowing the cars to slingshot their way onto the main with a rapidity that will make your head spin.

7. Esteban Ocon’s long-awaited second chance

“I’ve always been a supporter of Esteban. I think the way he conducts himself and how he plays on track is exceptional…

He is one of the drivers .

” So said Lewis Hamilton after Esteban Ocon’s leading performance at the 2018 Belgian Grand Prix, once the French driver’s potential looked far from clear.

It would take a year on the sidelines as Mercedes’ reserve driver in 2019 until Ocon could go back to frontline F1.

However, with the opportunity to partner Daniel Ricciardo from the Renault team anticipate Ocon to grab the chance .

We’re preparing ourselves for some stand-out drives from the Frenchman this year — and, given his prior tenure in F1, likely a few fireworks also…



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