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2021 Makes Mercedes C-Class, Latest Version Catched In Traffic

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The best-selling vehicle for Mercedes is expected to face several major changes.

A little over six years ago the new generation Mercedes C-Class launched as the first vehicle to run on the Modular Rear Architecture that carried a substantial weight loss of about 100 kilograms (220 pounds) relative to its predecessor. The forthcoming W206 will further tweak the MRA formula to improve packaging. And potentially lose additional fat as a result of allowing greater use of lightweight materials.


Just as the hardware will be a gradual progression of the underpinnings of today. So will the architecture of the exterior. We’ve seen our fair share of designs of the luxury sedan. And so all of them gave us the feeling that the new C-Class would bring a little refinement to the existing version.

Having seen the Sedan A-Class and the newly facelifted E-Class. We don’t need a crystal ball to get an understanding of how the styling should be revamped for the vehicle. So, that slots in Mercedes ‘massive portfolio between them.

What the accompanying renderings do not display is the interior. But the spy video added at the bottom gives us a glimpse of how the interface for the next generation platform will be converted.

With the mid-cycle upgrade, the new model got the entirely digital instrument panel. And it’s not all that shocking the concept has no actual dials. The panel frame, though, is distinct. And more in line with that of its larger sedan relatives.

While the dashboard stays largely hidden under a large piece of cloth. So, you can say the infotainment feature does not stand out like a sore thumb anymore. That’s because a touchscreen mounted lower in the center console would replace the laptop. Because it claimed it has a much wider diagonal.

The latest S-Class arriving later this year will bring the dramatic shift in style. This Mercedes forecast with the Vision EQS last September.

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