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Alita Battle Angel 2 : Release Date, Cast, Plot And Trailer

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Following the theatrical release of Alita: conflict angel back in 2019, fans adored it so much that a request was signed up to revive it for a fresh film. Alita: Battle angel produced $400 million globally. The first movie was a part of Fox, which was taken over by Disney. So it is up to Disney to animate it for a new movie and if it will be available to match it in its hectic schedule.


Set in the year 2563, the story of the movie is about Alita, a deactivated cyborg who is revived. But since she couldn’t remember anything of her previous life, she goes on a quest to learn that she is. Filmmaker James Camaron and Robert Rodriguez have speculated that film might even get am ore than 1 sequel’ for a very long instant. About 6 February 2019they confirmed with a plan for a future installment of the movie. The very first film left a distance for a sequel. During the final moments of the movie, the major antagonist of Alita is disclosed, who’s Nova, a criminal high up in the Zalem. After Hugo dies, Alita promises to kill and locate Nova. And so the film ends with her embarking on a search to journey Zalem upwards and take her revenge. Thus, we could see Alita’s travel up Zalem, along with also her quench to kill Nova from the sequel.


We would love to see Rosa Salazar return for her role of Alita. Edward Norton is going to be back on-screen to play Nova, a charismatic leader. The character of Dr. Dyson Ido is going to be carried out by Christopher Waltz, who’s a scientist and also a bounty hunter. He’s also the father of Alita.

Release Date

After Disney affirms that they’ll be making a new film on Alita: Battle Angel, speculations about the release date will probably be out. We expect that Disney affirms the new picture soon and we can see it back on our screens.


Before we request a trailer, Disney has to confirm its renewal. There is not any official teaser or trailer out for Alita: Battle Angel 2.

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