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Ares Season 2 On Netflix? Release Date And Other Details Premiere Review Sequels For & More Netflix Arrival Updates?

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Then you need to see the Ares series on Netflix if you’re interested in a psychological thriller, added this January. This is a show made for Netflix Iris Otten, by Pieter Kuijpers, Sander Van Meurs.

Ares Season 2

Ares revolves round Rosa Steenwijk, a medical student in Amsterdam that, by passion, joins a secret team in Holland. The club has been made up of wealthy people, and Rosa realizes this is not what she expects from the community. The program explores the drama, suspense, and terror that engulfed its viewers throughout the first month of its launch.

Release Date:

The question arises as to maybe not or whether there will be a second season? It’s presumed that there will be season two, though Netflix hasn’t yet commented on whatever.

The program is one of those successful Netflix series and has gained a following in its first month. The first season was launched on January 17, 2020. There haven’t been any updates on the next season, but with a second instalment, Netflix will return following the success of the season soon. The sequel is expected to be held later this year or early 2021.


There are no available, but Jade Olliberg as Rosa’s yield has been confirmed. Roos Dickmann, Tobias Kersloot, Lisa Smit, Robin Bolseevain, Freida Barnhard, Hans Kesting are also expected to return. New faces may be displayed within the upcoming episodes, but there is still no certainty.

Fans have high hopes for the next season. Based on the conclusion of the season, several questions are unanswered. Pure evil, after jumping to Beal what occurs to Rosa? Will she survive? Or more surprises on our way. Until then, if you haven’t seen the show, take your snacks and select them!

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