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Ares Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, And What Are The Latest Fan Theories?

Netflix was premiered on by the Dutch horror series Ares this January. Made Iris Otten by Pieter Kuijpers, and Sander van Meurs, the series quickly became a surprise hit for Netflix.
Rosa is a young medical student in Amsterdam who joins a secret society. It is.


The season concluded, but enthusiasts are already currently petitioning for a sequel. The horror series was shown to be an unexpected victory for Netflix. With fans and critics, it appears only a matter of time before Ares yields.

Ares Season 2

Ares Season 2: Can it happen?

The season that was eight episodes long proved to be a direct hit. Looks promising. That might prove to be enough for those behind the scenes to renew the series. For as of today, Netflix is to announce a sequel for the series.

The streaming giants consider that a shows viewership before renewing it.
Ares is secure on that front as it seems. So it’s merely a matter of time before Season 2 is finalized. In that instance, look out for a 2021 launch for your series.

Ares Season 2: Who are to appear?

All we can do is make guesses since Season 2 is not yet been declared. Considering the season one finale panned out, and we can anticipate a yield of the cast.
That would mean Tobias Kersloot Jade Olieberg, Lisa Smit, and Robin Boissevain will all return. We will have a better thought after Netflix makes an official statement.

Ares Season 2: What will it be about?

The season gave the reason for the creation of Ares to us. It appears that Ares was made to safeguard the world. Season One ended with Rosa consuming it within her entire body.

Season two may shed some light on the extent of the power of Rosa. Or is your Beal in her entire body corrupting her from inside? There are other questions, but no answers. It’d be good of Netflix to give fans some tips about Ares Season 2


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