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Attack On Titans Season 4:Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer And Will Arrive On Fall 2020,

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Attack on Titan finally gave fans a peek into the final season of the anime with a fierce trailer, also in it teased the debut of a brand new Titan, the Jaw Titan. The fourth and final season of this series will take the war to the world outside the walls of Eldia and into a completely new region. As Eren along with also the other members of this research Corps set their sights on the”actual” enemy, they’ll come face to face with brand new Titan powers held by other major hosts.

One of these new Titans can be observed running in the debut trailer for the fourth and final time, the Jaw Titan, that boasts a fearsome lion mane and also a much smaller but ferocious version of the Titans Eren and also the other members of the Survey Corps have been battling so far. However, it will not be the only new power.

Renewal Info and Release Date for Attack On Titans Season 4

Everyone expected the fourth season will eventually come, but nobody wanted the fourth to continue. The fourth-season will also see new directors, following Yūichirō Hayashi and Jun Shishido replaced Tetsurō Araki and Masashi Koizuka as the fourth year directors.

Attack On Titans Season 4

The fourth-season would be aired on NHK General and is intended to release in Fall 2020. Attack on Titans Season 4 might not follow the trend and will premiere on the anticipated release window while anime series has been postponed due to coronavirus pandemic. The trailer for the season has been dropped.

Potential Story Details of Attack On Titans Season 4

Eren Yeager at the next season finale realized that he’s found more enemies. Viewers knew that the Indians would be the enemies who have to be defeated, and the world outside the walls aren’t destroyed. The external world is different than they believed because it’s progressing in engineering and stuff.

Fans also understood what Grisha Yeager had been hiding all this long in the basement, and also also the season is forecast to feature another basement. Reiner is trying to determine what is in the basement, and he is being assisted by Falco in his investigation. The trailer hinted that the fourth year will comprise time-jumps that was huge. The season already seems exciting, fans need to wait just a couple months away from now.

Attack On Titans Season 4 Trailer


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