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Auto X Becomes Third Company with Driverless License Followed by Waymo and Nuro !!!

Remember the headlines that included, the Nuro company, an autonomous automotive brand, which started delivering essential products in the US. Well, the Nuro and Waymo are now joined by Auto X, which will mark the third company with an utterly driverless license.

Auto X was among 66 more companies with a Californian test license for autonomous cars in the queue. Still, recently the AutoX has now received a permit to operate completely driverless cars – i.e. without a safety driver or person on board – on public roads.

This will mark the critical existence of autonomous vehicles. While the COVID-19 has impacted various industries hard, this follow-up will sign up for social distancing while keeping up with multiple businesses. AutoX is therefore allowed to operate its test vehicles in “fair weather conditions” and light precipitation on roads at speeds not exceeding 45 miles per hour (72km/h). 

The company claims to be the first autonomous auto startup in China to use self-propelled vehicles capable of speeds above fifty miles per hour (80km/h), and one of the first whose vehicles are connected to Shanghai’s 5G-based Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2X) technology, which enables them to communicate with the road infrastructure and traffic lights.

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Rishabh Chugh
Rishabh Chugh
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