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    Bringing you the new astonishing and profound beauty Aston Martin DBS GT Zagato

    We are bringing you the new astonishing and profound beauty Aston Martin DBS GT Zagato.
    The new half of ‘DBZ Centenary Collection’ is a 760bhp Zagato companioned DBS.
    Just to lay your aspirations and ownership on one of Aston Martins’s benevolent DB4 GT Zagato continuations, you had to signup to buy the package called the ‘DBZ Centenary Collection’ – a two-car multipack featuring said DB4, plus a mysterious Zagato-bodied DBS. The two cars could only be bought as a pair – you couldn’t buy one without the other one– for a combined £6million, that too, of course without the calculations for the taxes.
    But finally, Aston has shown up the second part of the pair, most probably after a lot of considerations, the legitimate and more modern half of the collection. Yes, we talk of the mysterious DBS, with its all glory preserved.
    The better half was brought up today at the Audrain’s Newport Concours in the United States, and the DBS GT Zagato is effectively a remodeled look of DBS Superleggera. It uses the same 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12, only to increase the power from an already adequate 715bhp delivering to an unnecessary 760bhp power. The company doesn’t tell about the new speed of the car but we can expect a slight improvement on the standard car’s speed of 0-62mph time of 3.4 seconds.
    But here the word isn’t really about going with, the DBS GT Zagato. The matter is about the pretty new look – a milestone celebration of Aston’s six-decade-long relationship with the Italian coachbuilder that had begun with the DB4. , We really cannot compromise on our praises, yes. Though the double-bubble roof has somewhat compromised with the rear visibility, as there is practically availability of none. But the tricky grille is there to make up for the notch.
    This new DBS is painted in ‘Supernova Red’, with contrasting carbon and gold detailing (some of the badges are detailed as solid 18-carat gold). If this combination is a bit… absurd or uncool for you, Aston Martin Q department will do all it can to have you in it.
    Aston describes the Interior of the DBS as the world’s “first automotive application of configurable carbon with a metal 3D-printed interior finish.

    Furious Mad
    Furious Mad
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