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    Car Company Honda Announced its First Electric Car Will be Named “Honda E” !!!

    While most carmakers are focusing on making electric sedans and electric SUVs, Japanese carmaker Honda Cars are preparing to make a small car as its first fully electric car.

    Earlier this month, the company released a compact model called the Honda E in Europe, designed solely for city driving. Let me tell you that at present, Tesla’s Model 3 sedan car is quite dominating in the electric car market.

    Along with this, other brands such as Audi AG and Hyundai Motor Company have focused on long driving range electric SUV cars. EV cars are placed at the end of premium cars due to the high battery cost and cost.

    Many large automobile manufacturers are developing new models for this purpose, which can achieve a range of up to 570 kilometres on a single charge. However, the Honda E has almost half the battery capacity as compared to the Tesla Model 3, which offers a range of 280 kilometres.

    With a retro, ultra-compact design that has developed Honda’s classic N360 and N600 models since the 1960s, the two-door Honda E is intended to be proven as an upmarket city car. The price of this car can be around 33,000 Euros, i.e. $ 39,000.

    Honda E chief engineer Tomofumi Echinose said earlier this week that “most EVs use large-capacity batteries, but that capacity is often not used much during city driving.”

    He additional add-on that “we question whether the big car is acceptable for the town and believe that small cities are a better option. Honda engineers have been able to take U-turn easily in tight lanes and fast handling.” Is given priority. “


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