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    Daniel Riccardo earns respect from Schumacher and Alonso

    Daniel Riccardo is in the headlines for most of the time this week, and also a few past. It is after the announcement of him leaving the Renault to sign for McLaren in 2021. But Daniel wants to ponder over some of the best moments of his career. Those, in the first place, made McLaren look for him and seek his service. It comes from his diary posts from social media account. He went for looking into the ups and downs of his career.

    He names two of those races which really make him proud. They are the ones that really make him feel like a legend of F1 racing. The first one I the 2012 Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka with Toro Rosso. It goes for Michael Schumacher that kept him all over and the last lap was fun for him. The opponent appreciated him for the same, which wasn’t much needed for the next match.

    The next he picked up was his race for Red Bull, at the 2014 German Grand Prix. He never felt the respect of Alonso till that day. He still wanted to prove his worth. He was given a pass, by him after whizzing past by keeping a door open, seeking he might not grab it. But, Daniel went for it of course. There were this cat and mouse game for some laps. Daniel kept it clean with inferior tires and a lot to prove. After that, he was with better words for Daniels, and then, he saw respect for himself. This brought pure joy to this driver. It was with both hands he grabbed the race and was in full confidence. We still don’t know if they will be battling again up head next season.

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    Furious Mad
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