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Dash Cams: The Best Choice for Security on Road

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For truckers and people who drive heavy-duty vehicles, regular dash cams do not cut it and as everyone knows, dash cams are the best way to protect drivers and others from accidents, unfair claims, and penalties. Dash cams for trucks are now fitted with fleet tracking and management software which make the normal dash cams obsolete.

With advanced features like GPS tracking, live video streaming, mobile alerts, route playback a dash cam can be of great help to truckers who are on the road most of the time.

Benefits of a Truck Dash Cam

Increasing in popularity over the years, dash cams have helped thousands of people and will continue to help a thousand more. These are a few of the benefits that a truck dash cam has to offer.

Visual Evidence of Accidents

The main reason why truckers use this is visual evidence. If they happen to get in an accident, the dash camera is their strongest evidence to prove to the authorities that the accident wasn’t their fault. Without a dash cam, it may become difficult to prove their innocence and in certain cases they end up paying a fine or end up paying for the repairs.

Record even When You’re Not in The Truck

A lot of dash cams can be set to record the videos when you’re not physically present in the truck or if you are sleeping inside it. It helps you find people responsible for any damage caused to the truck when you’re away from it.

Report Rash Drivers

A driver/trucker spends most of his time on-road and not a day goes by where he doesn’t happen to witness a driver with no sense of the rules. With the help of a dash camera, rash drivers can be easily reported to the authorities.

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GPS Tracking and Other Features

A lot of dash cams today have GPS tracking features for transport and delivery companies to track their fleet and the video can be streamed live.

How to Choose the Best Dash Cams?

There are a few important things to consider when purchasing a dash cam.

1. Mounting

A dash cam can be mounted in many ways. It can be mounted with an adhesive or a suction cup. Typically, adhesive mounts are much more stable and easier than the suction cup.

2. Resolution

Having a video is not the main thing but what you see in the video is what makes the difference, a good quality resolution camera is what truck drivers need when they’re out on the road.

3. Connectivity

Dash cams with good connectivity in vehicles with internet access, allows the dashcam to upload pictures and video on the cloud periodically and in some dashcams, the videos can also be streamed live. GPS tracking is also used for fleet tracking in transport companies.

4. Storage

Storage is an important factor to consider while purchasing a dash cam. There is no point in all the fancy recording features if you can’t view them in the future.

Types of Dash Cams for Trucks

1. Front-facing Dash Cams

Focusing on protection and to increase visibility for fleet managers, front-facing cameras capture top-quality video with the help of a sensor that can be set up with utmost ease. Front-facing cameras use sensors to detect incidents and upload the pictures/videos to the could.

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2. Dual Dash Cams

Dual-facing dash cams have two lenses, out of which one records the front-facing direction and the other lens records the rear. The wide lens of this dash camera offers a clear view of what is happening inside the cab and surroundings outside. Some dual-facing dash cams also have an infrared LED for driving in the night and for driving through unlit roads.

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3. Multi-Camera Dash Cam

Multi-camera dash cams, are basically dash cams with a 360-degree view, this reduces the number of blind spots and increases the chances of preventing collisions on road.

4. Exterior Dash Cams

They are dash cams the can be mounted outside the vehicle to capture a 360-degree of the vehicle and its surroundings. Sometimes, it is difficult to get the full view of the turn ahead and this exterior camera eliminates that problem by giving the drivers a clear picture of the road ahead.

5. Interior Dash Cams

Interior dash cams are installed inside the vehicle to record the activities of the passengers and anyone who might in the vehicle. Interior dash cams are used by companies to monitor cargo theft and for fleet tracking.

Best Dash Cams in The Game

There are many dash cams available at such different prices, here is a small list of the best dash cam for truckers to use:

  • WheelWitness HD PRO Plus
  • CM32 Dual-facing AI Dash Cam
  • Lytx Drivecam
  • Verizon Connect Dash Cam
  • Driveri 360-degree AI fleet Dash Cam
  • Oldshark Dash Cam
  • Roav DashCam C1 pro
  • Z-Edge T3 Dash Cam
  • Vantrue T2 Dash Cam
  • REXING S300 Dash Cam Pro


With a dash cam in their vehicles, truckers can breathe a sigh of relief, cause no matter what they will have evidence of whatever happens on-road. In short, drivers are protected during accidents on road and against criminal activities.

They offer protection to your goods and cargo being transported and let the fleet managers track their shipments.

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