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Dead Island 2: Old Version Leaked Online!! Check Now!!

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An older version of the Island 2 of Deep Silver was leaked online. That is 12 weeks after the project was announced during the E3 2014 press conference when Spec Ops: The Line programmer Yager was managing development responsibilities of PlayStation.

Back in July 2015, Deep and Yager Silver parted ways showing it had turned to operate in March 2016 on Island two. In 2018, the IP’s Twitter accounts insisted that evolution was underway.

That does not seem to have gone too well, possibly, together with Deep Silver earning its Dambuster Studios to create the name in August 2019.

In the conclusion of the calendar year, the manager of Deep Silver parent firm Koch Media Klemens Kundratitz reported that it was critical that the firm obtained Dead Island 2 straight.

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