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    Dead to Me Season 2 Streaming Already; Season 3 in Controversy of Renewal !!!

    The Netflix streamed series, Dead to me, seems to continue its storyline further with another fabulous season. Liz Feldman is the creator of this dark comedy. The launch of the first season of this series happened in May 2019. And it is the story of the series that keeps the viewers connected to it. Consecutively, the show now possesses two successful seasons. This gives us a strong hope in having a third season as well. Jen and Judy, portrayed by Applegate and Cardellini respectively, are the protagonists of the show. They both meet up in the therapy group. Along with them, there are a lot of bereft spouses present in the therapy sessions. The difference they share is the main reason behind their powerful friendship.


    The real estate agent, Jen, is suffering from the loss of her husband. A driver has killed him in an accident. This caused her significant loss and depression. Therefore, to overcome it, she does exercise, therapies and other relieving activities. According to her, this incident is dark in her life filled with struggles and sorrow.

    On the other hand, Judy became a widow after her husband died out of a heart attack. Although she takes this loss as a cheerful disposition, she ends up taking therapy.


    Christina Applegate as Jen Harding and Linda Cardellini as Judy Hale perform the leading characters in the plot, the other supporting actors include James Marsden as Ben Wood, Max Lenkins as Christopher Doyle, Sam McCarthy as Charlie Harding and Luke Roessler as Henry Harding. Additionally, there are other recurring and guest artists who add up the spice in the story and make it worth watching.


    Judy conceals a dark secret from Jen regarding the death of her husband. However, this secret is brought to light in this season. The unveiling of this truth puts Jen into a state of mental shock. This part of the story makes a thrill and worth watching. Season 2 is already out. Furthermore, the news regarding the renewal of season 3 is already in the air. The new season is anticipated to release soon.


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