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“Flying Mustang” by Ruf Rodeo Idea, Zenvo TSR-S: Top pictures of this week’s case

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Ruf Rodeo is the latest in exploring the concept of an off-road car with a high-performance supercar. This week the German designer, tuner and sports car maker introduced the Rodeo Prototype with an all-wheel drive, a carbon-fiber tub and the prospect of a 700 horsecar motor.

2021 First Edition of Roland Gumpert Nathalie

A new sports car powered by a fuel cell electric power supply system. Producing more than 500 hp has been produced by another German niche, Roland Gumpert. So, it nicknamed Nathalie, after one of Roland Gumpert’s founder’s daughters. It looks like a typical Audi Quattro evolution.

Ken Miles at the 1965 Green Valley Raceway Ford Shelby GT350 Chassis Event No. 5R002

We heard this week that the Ford Shelby GT350R was going to the auction in 1965. That alone fantastic news as only 36 of the cars produced that year. But the first competition to be offered is Shelby Mustang, the first competition to be contested, and the first to be won. So, Yeah, the iconic driver, Ken Miles is the famous “Flying Mustang.”

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We were testing the 2019 Saleen S302 for fans of more classic Mustangs and it brought back memories of carefree college days. The car has the eighties look in white but the performance is strictly new.

2022 Spy photos from the Mercedes-AMG C53 Photo

A Mercedes-AMG C53 was one of the vehicles we spied on this week. Mercedes-Benz is working on a replacement for the C-Class, and the AMG skunkworks is replacing the C43 with a C53 this time. The car would have a 4-cylinder engine but also will have more power than the new C43 6-cylinder engine.

2022 Spy shots on Mercedes-Benz EQE Photo

Mercedes engineers were already trying out a new EQE called a battery-electric sedan. It is not to mistaken for the identical sounding EQS. The EQE is a smaller package intended to suit the new Tesla Model 3 and BMW i4.

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