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    Ford: Ford Focus Speedster Is The Poor Man’s McLaren Elva

    Ford: No roof with no windshield and no doors causes no problem.

    If you remember the ludicrously cool Ford Raptor Bus that turns into the Econoline-based 6×6 behemoth. This is not the only rad build rad build by that Sankt Petersburg shop specialized in all things Blue Oval.

    So its a speedster in the truest sense of the word. It is having ditched the roof and windshield, also it doesn’t even have doors. The rear is removed as well, with the reworking rear end now incorporating two humps reminding us of much more expensive speedsters. These modifications take place in the McLaren Elva and Ferrari Monza SP2.

    Ford Focus Speedster

    Conversion Of Ford Focus Speedster:

    Overall the cars have an impressive build and something that we don’t expect to see at SEMA. But then remember Ford not selling the Focus Mk4 in the United States. As likely with the nice exterior and also interior design that will boggle our mind. So it appears borrowed from Mk3 and modified in different areas. Such as the central air vents are missing and the main screen along with some of the switchgear also changed.

    Ford Focus Speedster

    The Ford Focus Speedster was introduced more than a year ago. The car previously showed in St. Petersburg International Motor Show. But this is only now when they discover this roofless gem inspired by the Focus ST-Line. The recent gen compact model does not have a convertible version and nor did its predecessor. But the Mk2 offers a folding metal top.

    However, this quirky Focus makes us think of another Ford similar in spirit. Yes we are talking about StreetKa. As a pint-sized convertible built by Pininfarina also with a manually folding fabric roof or a detachable hardtop. With all the customer’s preferences continuing to shift towards SUVs, as the glory days of the convertible are unlikely to return anytime soon. So a new droptop of the Ford seems highly unlikely.


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