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General Motors will bring the Hummer will return to market with an electric vehicle

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General Motors will bring the Hummer name back to the marketplace with an electric vehicle, finishing a 10-year hiatus with the introduction of a 4×4 pickup that is low-volume to go as part of their GMC lineup on sale in 2022.

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that GM is working on an offering very similar to Jeep’s Gladiator pickup. Initially, the newspaper says the “Hummer” name revival will not extend beyond that version.

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The Option to rekindle Hummer as GMC gives flexibility in selling to GM What it endeavors to be a low-volume model without needing to support an entire brand, which might require dealer and service network support, which could possibly prove to be equally costly and even legally challenging, as holders of existing franchises will likely need a part of this action.

The choice to shutter the brand in the aftermath of restructuring and insolvency of GM back in 2010 was met with resistance from franchise holders. At the moment, Hummer’s image of gas-guzzling excess ran afoul of the aims to produce electric vehicles and affordable hybrid for the masses of GM.

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GM desired the Chevrolet Volt to be the face of its future, instead of a V8-powered SUV.

Unconfirmed rumors Of Hummer’s yield have been circulating for quite some time. In June of this past year, headlines were made by rumblings of a revival when GM president Mark Reuss professed his love for its brand that was stopped.

While this report is far from official, we won’t need to wait for confirmation, as Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has been lined up to front the nameplate’s return in a Super Bowl commercial spot.

We expect the re-launch is going to be teased before the NFL championship game on Feb. 2.

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