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Hideyuki Sakamoto on Board as candidate for Nissan after Seki resigned

The new face on the Team

Nissan Motor Co. goes for Hideyuki Sakamoto as a candidate for its, executive officer, for the board of directors. The announcement came in this Friday, after sudden and surprising resignation of the Vice COO Jun Seki earlier in the week. 

Sakamoto is an executive member of Nissan since June and handles the office of Vice president since 2014. He is responsible for manufacturing and supply chain management in Japan as Nissan is at no. 2 in the Automakers list there. 

The announcement coming for an extraordinary shareholders meeting where the proposal may be put forward for approval, as came from the press release. There was no mention of Sakamoto taking Seki’s position and responsibilities.

Changes and Changes

In the present situation, Nissan needs a lot of stability as this may be its worst profitable year in 11 years. The sales conditions in china and the united states also don’t give an impressive outcome, though they are the biggest market in theirs. 

The company is also working hard on its ties with top shareholders and alliance partners such as Renault SA, which drifted leading to the events of joint chairperson Carlos Ghosn a year ago. 

The recovery plan is in the hands of the three-team leadership after Seki’s sudden departure and executive changes abrupt cases. Seki and two other, CEO and COO took over on Dec 1 but failed in their jobs of sudden requirement, ents. 

News is also that Renault is also up to the new name for its CEO this weekend.

There was a lot of news in and out of the company and its top leaders. there was a lot of change in the top orders after the arrest of Ghosn and resignation of other employees. 

There has been an improven=ment with the wide-ranging reconstruction plan in April and plans to ax down the expansion of cost earlier done by Ghosn. Also, the workforce will be coming down to one-tenth as well and global vehicle production though 2023 by the same. 

Nissan, Renault, and Mitsubishi Motors have to plan a strong global idea to ramp up on new electrification technologies and autonomous driving.


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