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Hotel Del Luna Season 2: Read To know Plot, Cast, And More!

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Among lovers, Asian drama series has come to be a market that is strong over time. Hotel Del Luna is one of the tv series. The Korean dream drama/ the Hong sisters write rom-com series to the TvN. 1 period of this series has released till now. The period had 16 episodes in total. The show ran from July 13th to 1st. The show has been a success with the fans. And, it became the Korean drama that was twelfth. The show can be scheduled to be accommodated into English very shortly.

Hotel Del Luna Season 2

Hotel Del Luna Season 2: Release date

Currently, we do not have any information concerning the favorite K-drama’s renewal. Korean dramas do get sequels, so it’s best not to expect a season. Besides, Hong sisters, the writers of the show have also indicated that the narrative has reached its conclusion.

Hotel Del Luna Season 2: Possible cast

This series’ first period featured

Yeo Jin-goo playing Gu Chan Sung
Lee Ji-Eun as Jang Man-Wol
Bae Hae-sun as Choi Seo-hee
Shin Jung-Geun as Kim Seon-bi
Pyo Ji-hoon as Ji Hyun-Joong… amongst others

About season 2, as it’s not confirmed yet, we can not comment on the throw. But we presume that most of the figures from year one won’t be returning. Though Kim Soo-Hyun might portray, the resort owner happens. Together with him, Yeo Jin-Goo might take a look.

Hotel Del Luna Season 2: Expected plot

As I’ve mentioned before, Hotel Del Luna won’t probably be renewed for another season. But, if somehow the show gets another year, there won’t be a shortage of articles. At the end of season 1, Kim Soo Hyun created a cameo as the owner of a ghost hotel. Rumors suggest that the resort would be named’Hotel Blue Moon.’ Season 2 could occur after the future of this new hotel and its owner.

Hotel Del Luna Season 2: Storyline

The series centers around the titular hotel, Hotel Del Luna. It is also known as the Guest House of the Moon’. Unlike typical hotels, Hotel Del Luna caters to the deceased’s spirits. Each one of the hotel staff is also ghosts, except the supervisor, who is a human. Due to events, Gu Chan-Sung becomes the director of this resort. And uncover, and he gradually begins to understand the hotel’s secrets and mysteries.

Hotel Del Luna Season 2: Past Season’s Ending

Airing on September 1st, 2019, the story was ended by the year one finale. Throughout the series, it was theorized that Gu Chan-Sung would be the person to send the resort staff’s spirits to the afterlife. In the final event, Jang Man-Wol, the hotel’s owner, opted to remain with her newfound love Gu Chan-Sung. But they couldn’t stay together for long since Gu Chan-Sung fulfilled his prophecy by sending Jang Man-Wol and other people. Thus, ending the story in a bittersweet note.

Hotel Del Luna Season 2: Trailer

For now, there’s no announcement about the next season of the drama series. So, it’s safe to presume that fans will not have to see a trailer. Viewers can check out the series highlights :

Fans will need to wait around for a while for an official word about the series’ future. Till then, if this article was to your liking, then you can follow my The fantastic Place post.

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