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How can scrap cars be useful?

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Ever wonder what happens to your car after selling it to a car wrecker? It is the end of the motor for car owners. But, the journey does not end there.

Let’s look at what car wreckers do when they get rid of scrap cars. And why it is important to understand the importance of car wreckers’ work.

What is a car wrecker?

Car wrecking involves carefully dismantling damaged, wrecked, or otherwise decommissioned cars. The car wrecking crew will find and retrieve any remaining parts that can be sold.

Scrap metal companies can sell any metal parts that are not usable, like a damaged bumper or chassis, or internal components, which have been destroyed beyond repair.

Car wreckers don’t leave old cars to rust. They work to dispose of them responsibly and efficiently.

The value of spare parts that can be used

Sometimes, dismantled cars can yield many reusable parts. These parts may still be valuable to someone looking for spares. Many Toyota car wreckers in Sydney recycle and resell used parts of cars.

While it may be just a few broken or damaged components that make a car difficult to drive, most internal and external components are usually in excellent working order.

The vehicle recycling process

Car wreckers are skilled at recycling vehicles using a complex process. This ensures that all components can be recovered and all non-usable materials are properly recycled. This includes the safe disposal of fluids and materials that are unsuitable for recycling or resale.

Tires and wheels

The car wreckers can remove wheels and tires from the cars. If a car has been scrapped because of severe chassis damage or engine failure, it may still have relatively new tires and still have plenty of life. Existing car owners can save money by purchasing second-hand tires or wheels.

Car battery

If the battery is still full, the car wrecking crew will take it out and recycle it. Batteries are often replaced. Sometimes, a battery from a scrap car can still be in good condition. This can be very useful for other drivers who wish to reuse it.

Drainage of vehicle fluids

Cars use many fluids, including engine coolant, engine oil, transmission fluids, fuel, air conditioning refrigerant, windscreen wiper fluid, and engine oil. As part of the car wrecking process, the vehicle will be drained of all fluids.

Electronic components

Many of the electronic components in modern cars are expensive to replace. Each of these components can be removed by car wreckers, such as starter motors, electronic modules, alternators, and entertainment systems.

Transmission and engine

Sometimes, a wrecker can remove entire engines and transmissions to be reused. These large mechanical parts can still be valuable, depending on how old the car is. These components can be sold directly or sent to a manufacturer for restoration.

What happens to the rest?

The remaining car shell will be processed after the electronics, fluids, and any other components that are still functional have been removed. Car wreckers will remove any wiring, heating system, air conditioning, and wiring.

When the shell is clean, it can be crushed into a flat disc or a cube. This allows multiple cars to be transported to their next destination more easily.

It could be an industrial shredder or hammer mill. Here any glass, rubber, or plastic will be removed. After being crushed into smaller pieces, the car will be sold to a Steel Mill to be recycled.

Why do car wreckers matter?

The car wrecking industry is vitally important and benefits people and the planet. Car wreckers can recycle steel. This saves both time and energy. Reusing steel is much cheaper than buying new and requires significantly less energy. The car wreckers help prevent huge amounts of scrap metal from ending up in landfills and help it recirculate.

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