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Is it Essential to get Genuine Mercedes Rims?

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It is preferable when a vehicle is equipped with two sets of wheels, one for the warm season and one for the cold season. In this case, it is much less necessary to change winter tires for summer ones or vice versa.

The well-to-do owner of such a prestigious car model as Mercedes, under understandable circumstances, wants the rims for Mercedes to be original and high-quality alloy wheels.

Settling this point, it is recommended to remember that any car requires the installation of wheel rims, as recommended by the manufacturer. Original Mercedes rims have a positive impact on the safety of the car, they can further enhance the road characteristics of your car.

Which Mercedes Rims do exist?

Firstly, it is necessary to know that all-wheel disks for passenger cars are subdivided into three types according to their construction. Stamped steel, cast light alloy and light alloy forged. There is also a fourth, though the very exotic type of disc – prefabricated, with stamped steel rim and Mercedes 5 spoke wheels.

Stamped disks are the easiest and cheapest to produce. They are quite soft, but if deformed, they can be easily corrected on a special machine. In addition, they are also quite light. Their aesthetics leaves much to be desired, that is why such discs are usually covered with decorative protective caps.

Alloy cast discs are distinguished by a variety of types and aesthetic perfection. They are made by casting in special molds of magnesium or aluminum alloys, with subsequent processing on machines, painting, or anodizing with chrome-nickel coatings. Modern technology allows them to be made with minimal imbalance. However, these disks are more expensive than stamped ones, heavier, and more vulnerable to shocks.

Light-alloy forged discs are actually made by hot stamping with subsequent machining. They retain the aesthetics of the cast ones but are much stronger, lighter, and yet the most expensive. Just look at the Mercedes multi spoke wheels. Nevertheless, a strong impact is dangerous for this construction.

It is much better when a car is equipped with 2 sets of wheels, the first for the warm season and the second for cold. In this case, the number of tire rotations, which is relied on when you change winter tires for summer or vice versa, is reduced. As a rule, disks for Mercedes Benz, as well as all sorts of others, with this treatment will serve much longer. In addition, you get savings on tire fitting work, which additionally indicates the profitability of this approach. Especially expensive original rims for Benz. Original Mercedes multi-spoke wheels differ from guaranteed quality products, but at the same time quite expensive. In parts stores, we will meet the promotional offers of many dealers, over and above the original rims are sold and the rest of the wheel rims. They are almost the same in quality, but their price is much less. True, the owners of Mercedes Benz bought copies of disks as it would not fit the status.


It is clear to have branded Mercedes G wagon wheels on Mercedes is very tempting, they have no small function in creating the appearance of the car. Such wheels reflect the latest trends in prestigious design options. Correctly selected alloy wheels and tires for the car – this is 50 percent of the style of the car. Rims of Mercedes for sale today are carried out in almost every spare parts store. However, not everyone knows by what properties and how to correctly select automobile wheel rims. A very well-known error – not correctly finding the landing parameters of the disc. The selected alloy wheel may not fit. It is also important to clarify at the beginning the cross-section of the alloy wheels to be purchased.

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