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Lost In Space Season 3 : Release Date, Cast, Plot And Trailer

Taking strolls in space seemed fancy until a massive bomb has been dropped onto the lives of the Robinson family. The entire ambition of conquering space pelted hard on them, dividing the whole family into two halves going different ways away from each other. What more can be an issue of concern compared to parents being driven away from their kids? What new storyline solution does season three attract for the viewers?

Lost In Space an American adventure series scripted by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless was originally released on Netflix on 13th April 2018 following season two aired on 24th December.


The plot of the series followed havoc caused by the earth, bringing the human lives in danger and extinction. You will find many groups of families sent on a mission to the Alpha Centauri star, where they could find a means out of the present problem. They were expected to reside there and save the human race from eradication. Among the families included in the assignment was the Robinson family.

Release Date

Lost in Space is based on the storyline of the 1965 series with the same title. Season 3 was revived on March 9, 2020. The next season is the final season of the series. We do not have a formal release date announced as of now. However, the new season might be aired by the end of 2020.


Robinson Family will certainly return for unfolding the hidden mysteries of this series. The cast list could look something like the following:

Molly Parker as Maureen Robinson
Toby Stephens as John Robinson
Maxwell Jenkins as Will Robinson
Taylor Russell as Judy Robinson
Mina Sundwall as Penny Robinson

Season three could reside using the two narratives in the series, among those children and another of those parents. We may see the group Jupiter two’ leading to explore the new era. Season two had lots of cliff-hangers that will be given head to in season three.


There might be a trailer, hopefully by the end of 2020!


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