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Love is Blind 2: Head of Casting Encourages Individuals To Employ If Not Living In Chicago

The first season of Love is Blind Happened in Atlanta, Georgia. The contestants lived at the time, which made for some past connections. For the upcoming season of Love is Blind, Chicago is your most important place where all the activity happens.

Love is Blind 2

In season 1, Love is Blind asked single only to expect the process and release some of their daily obstacles. They spent weeks talking to a stranger behind a wall, and for a few, that stranger became their significant other. Most likely, Love is Blind season 2 and 3 plans to remain faithful to the winning formula.

Love is Blind year 1 had eight admissions and two great marriages. With so many couples getting engaged, the Love is Blind production team likely doesn’t wish to make too many modifications, particularly the casting group. Screen Rant interviewed Love is Blind Head of Casting Donna Driscoll to Discover a bit more about the plans for season 2 and outside. She revealed that the casting team does not want to make too many changes, but aims to be more “diligent in locating individuals that are in it for the right reasons. ”

Donna emphasized that only people living in the Chicago region is likely to produce the cast of Love is Blind year 2, but that shouldn’t dissuade anyone from everywhere from using.

If you live in Chicago and are searching for love utilizing a wall, then this is your season to apply, and hopefully make it on Love is Blind. But if you’re not a Chicago local, you won’t look on this season, but you still need to apply. This helps Donna and her team know what cities they may want to throw in second and where the most interest is.

Love is Blind season 1 was such a significant hit for Netflix, we expect it to last way beyond season 3 and 2. This means that towns might have their chance and also be featured on the sequence. So if being on Love is Blind to satisfy your husband or spouse is the dream, then don’t be afraid to apply.


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