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    Mercedes warn rivals against a chunk of an upgrade for Austria

    The Mercedes have won the past six drivers and constructors Championships. They also were or seemed to be the fastest among the teams at the pre-season testing. And now, they are firing another warning shot. They warn the teams who want to dethrone them this year, as they confirm a small upgrade or some for their car. And it is applicable for the Austrian Race as well.

    During the testings, Mercedes’ Silver Arrows mark themselves the fastest as well as with most laps covered in Barcelona. It was back in February. They also brought out the new innovative Das Device. And it was one of the 2020s favorite things.

    And despite the problems caused by the pandemic and significant delay, Mercedes are good. They are able to make sustainable efforts and upgrades in the W11, since the last run. Mercedes technical head James Allison released a video conveying the same. He says it is time they did a race, but quite a time for launch. It was all about the winter and wind tunnel and design departments, which made the car faster then.

    He says they as a team are very busy. They seem paranoid and possessed with the thought. They must make sure that their throne is still with them, and that no one disturbs their balance and poise.


    Furious Mad
    Furious Mad
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