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One Punch Man Season 3 Cast, Plot And Popular Anime Show

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Among all the popular anime shows, One Punch Man is the most loved one. The show has an incredible storyline which has earned it a lot of fan base. Not just in Japan but people from all over the world love watching the show and now everyone is desperate to know about the upcoming season of it. So here’s all the information about One Punch Man season 3 that you want to know.

One Punch Man Season 3: 

Yes, the show was supposed to land in June or July only, but it is being delayed due to coronavirus outbreak. However, the fans need not to worry. It is for sure that third season for One Punch Man will surely arrive sooner or later. Since the release got postponed, it is expected to hit the screens by the spring of 2021. But confirmed release date for it is yet to be announced by the showmakers.

One Punch Man Season 3: Cast

Except for the main cast, Saitama, the incredible show consists of several other interesting characters. It includes Genos and other superheroes such as Tornado, Blast, Kamikaze, Bang, Child Emperor, Metal Knight, Zombieman, King, Drive Knight, Flashy Flash, Pig God. And there are many more who are going to return in the third season.

Moreover, no show is complete without a villain. Even One Punch Man season 3 will have villains and monsters who make Saitama’s life difficult. Other than these, it also has A- class superheroes, B- class superheroes and C- class superheroes. Thus, with so many amazing characters in it the show is going to be one great package of the interesting element, which reminds me of the plot…

One Punch Man Season 3: Plot

The Japanese series is an adaptation of the Manga series. The story is basically about the life of a superhero boy Saitama. He has a superpower of knocking a person down with just a since punch of his fist. However, the monsters become a hurdle in his path and every season comes with a new bunch of monsters and a new target for One Punch Man, Saitama.

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