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PEUGEOT 3008: You Need to Know About Price, Specs, Mileage, and Everything here !!!

This car is much better than its predecessors. The original one was against Tiguans and such. But it always saw the dust and was unable to win the attention of the people. There was no heed paid to their dynamic or technological nous. Though the feel is still the same as the new one as well. The exteriors of the car are attractive features. And the interior exists only to keep up with the wonders of the surface, giving its full support to attracting customers. If you can cope with the smaller steering wheel, which you get used to quickly, its all a delicate matter, of course. There are right digital dials with scroll buttons. There ar4ent any tricky sub-menus here.

Talking of the engines and power train of the beast, it stands right. And there are options in variants as well. There is a choice of the turbo petrol engine, which pushes 128 bhp with 1.2-liter capacity. Another is the 1.6 liter doling out 178 bhp well. A turbo-diesel engine is available to give 128 bhp with 1.5 liters and another variant building up to 178 bhp 2.0 liters. There are smaller engines, and they use a six-speed manual transition gearbox as standard. Though the auto option is still available, these larger engines are using an eight-speed transition automatically.

So, it is a thing to get a hand on. Keep with us for more updates.


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