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    Pirates of the Caribbean 6: A Female lead to replace Johnny Debb

    Pirates of the Caribbean has always been successful in entertaining the viewers and creating excitement for the upcoming seasons. The series first season called Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl was released in the year 2003 under Disney production. It was a massive hit and earned up to $654. After seeing the positive feedback of the viewers, another season( Dead Man’s Chest) was released in the year 2006. It crossed $1.1 billion breaking the record at that time and reaching the heights of success. The next sequel of this is soon released after sequel 2. At World’s End closing out the original trilogy in 2007 is the third in a row. On Stranger Tides(fourth season), released in 2011, is the biggest hit among all the seasons of Pirates of the Caribbean. In 2017 another sequel of the series released called Dead Men Tell No Tales. The series not only gained a lump-sum amount of money but also gained large popularity and fan following. 

    Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 Cast

    Johnny Debb( Captain Jack Sparrow) was the lead in all the five seasons. But makers have decided to change the franchise to give a new look to the series. This will also allow the writers to explore more. So here we can expect to have a completely different cast in season 6.

    With rumors growing in, some sources claim that makers have decided to make a Female lead this time. Karen Gillan is at the top of the list. She has gained popularity for her remarkable performance in Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Jumanji. But there is no confirmation from her side. Still, she is the maker’s first choice.

    Johnny Debb might not be seen in this season or can be seen but in a supportive role.

    Pirates of The Caribbean 6 Plot

    As the makers have decided to give a fresh look to the series, a completely new storyline can be seen in this sequel. This time the series may not release under Disney Production. Instead, it might release as a film. Due to the new characters, the story will have much to explore.

     Release Date of Pirates of The Caribbean 6

    The official date for the season has not been confirmed. But the making of sequel 6 was already announced after the release of sequel 4.


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