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Porsche 911 Baja SEMA – Sturdy, Still Fast

The Porsche 911 Baja was built by a gentleman Michael Lightbourn with funding from Arc Audio for the SEMA Auto Show. Its current seller is Smash Customs with a starting bid of $23,700 on eBay. The 911 Baja SEMA is all about the all-steel body. It conjoins with a tubular steel chassis developed specifically for off-road thrills.

The 2.3 L Volkswagen engine replaces its 1969 2.0 L boxer. Its four-speed manual transmission helps the air-cooled mill to deliver power to 30-inch tires and 15-inch rear wheels. It is not bad for an all-road sports car.


It comes in a shade of black perfectly matching the finish of the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit stealth bomber. It boasts a roll cage and independent suspension on all four corners. Twin shock absorbers and a roof rack with enough space for a full-size tire are also notable. There are other features worth noting – bully dog light bars, autometer gauges, motorsport-style bucket seats, a flat-bottom steering wheel, U-POL Raptor lining and a thumping great audio system to name a few. For more safety, the only glass piece present is the windshield. The side, rear three-quarter, and rear glass are absent due to safety reasons.

Presently, having traveled 1321 miles, the 911 Baja is a past-to-future legacy. It differs from the bone-stock model in the sense that the fuel cell is located right between the front seats. Extensively built versions of Porsche 911 come in many shapes and sizes. But the 911 Baja SEMA tempts its followers by its one-off aesthetics. It has such originality and detailed-attention, plus the fun-factor, and is available in only $30,000 or even less.


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