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    Taycan Turbo GT: Porsche Launches New Formula E Safety Car

    The Porsche Taycan Turbo GT is set to take on a new role as the official safety car for the 2024 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. Making their debut this weekend at the Berlin E-Prix on May 11-12, two variants of the fully electric sports sedan from Porsche will serve as the on-duty and backup safety cars for all races in the season.

    With immense power output and technology derived directly from Formula E, the Tayca GT is exceedingly well-equipped to guarantee the safety of all drivers, marshals, and personnel at each E-Prix around the world. Porsche’s selection of their flagship Taycan exemplifies the importance of sustainability and electrification at motorsport’s highest levels.

    This post explores everything about the latest Formula E Safety car from Porsche, Taycan Turbo GT. If you are a fan of Formula racing and an electric vehicle enthusiast, then you should definitely read this post till the end. With an increasing popularity of electric vehicles around the world, the new Porsche Taycan Turbo GT is definitely creating the waves.

    Porsche Taycan Turbo GT Formula E Safety Car
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    Performance Features of the Porsche Taycan Turbo GT

    The Taycan Turbo GT establishes new standards as the most powerful production model in Porsche’s history. Its dual-motor all-wheel drive setup unleashes 580 kilowatts (786 horsepower) constantly without Attack Mode activated.

    Engaging Attack Mode elevates output temporarily to an astonishing 760 kW (1,021 hp) to rocket the EV from zero to 100 km/h in a blistering 2.2 seconds on its way to a top speed of 305 km/h. Crucially, the Taycan’s innovative 800-volt electrical architecture facilitates lightning-quick charging that keeps it primed for action throughout whole Formula E weekends.

    • Unique dual-motor powertrain provides immense acceleration and grip in all weather or track conditions
    • 800-volt charging capability allows charging from 5% to 80% in under 25 minutes using commercial fast chargers
    • Standard 580 kW of power exceeds most high-performance gasoline supercars
    • Attack Mode boosts power by nearly 20% to enable emergency overtaking or speedy responding to incidents
    Porsche Taycan Turbo GT Safety Car
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    Safety Modifications and Maintenance for Formula E Duty

    Both electric vehicles receive unique modifications and oversight from Porsche and partners like Manthey to optimize them for circuit duties. Warning lights, electrical components, radios, fire suppression, and other critical safety equipment are integrated professionally.

    Experts from the famous Manthey-Racing team situated at their Nürburgring base will diligently service the powertrains between meetings to ensure maximum ability, endurance, and emergency response capability weekend after weekend. Their expertise delivering championship-winning race cars transfers perfectly to reliable, high-performance safety cars.

    Two Variants: Weissach Package and Standard Configuration

    To fulfill their dual roles, Porsche will campaign two distinct models of the Taycan GT as safety cars. One demonstrator exhibits the limited-production Weissach package for extra thrills with its fixed rear wing and deleted rear seats to save weight.

    The other preserves the standard four-person layout without the added aerodynamic packages. The Weissach version also dazzles in an exclusive deep purple exterior paint, while the other sports an elegant shade of green to showcase further Porsche customization.

    FeaturesTaycan Turbo GT with Weissach PackageTaycan Turbo GT Standard Configuration
    Exterior ColorPurple Sky MetallicShade Green Metallic
    Acceleration (0-100 km/h)2.2 seconds2.3 seconds
    Top Speed305 km/h290 km/h
    Attack Mode Power BoostUp to 120 kW extra powerUp to 120 kW extra power
    Attack Mode ActivationAvailableAvailable
    Rear SeatsRemoved (2-seater)Included (4-seater)
    Weight ReductionYes (up to 75 kg)No
    SuspensionPorsche Active Ride SuspensionPorsche Active Ride Suspension
    Battery Capacity97 kWh (net)97 kWh (net)
    Charging SpeedUp to 320 kWUp to 320 kW
    Charging Time (10-80% SoC)As fast as 18 minutesAs fast as 18 minutes
    Range (WLTP)Up to 554 kmUp to 554 km
    Starting Price (Germany)€240,000€240,000

    The Role of the Safety Car in Formula E

    As the most powerful production EVs available, the twin Taycan GTs are ideally adapted for their task of controlling speeds ahead of the cutting-edge Formula E machinery. Safety cars play the vital part of safely enclosing the track during yellow flags or red stoppages until an incident can be cleared for the race resuming.

    Porsche Taycan Turbo GT Interior
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    The Taycan’s explosive launches from zero and ferocious continuous power allows them to effectively regulate the field’s pace and flow until it’s green flagged again. As pioneers in electric mobility, Porsche brings unparalleled experience perfectly befitting to this indispensable responsibility.

    Final Words

    This coming weekend in Berlin will showcase the debut of Formula E’s new Taycan Turbo GT safety cars. As the pioneering manufacturer forerunner among automakers in electrification, sustainability, and high-performance EVs, Porsche’s involvement with the ABB FIA FE World Championship recognizes their leadership.

    The GT’s sky-high output prowess and ability to swiftly recharge make them the obviously ideal solution to reliably oversee proceedings however the action unfolds internationally. Their assumption of this prestigious duty fittingly continues the Taycan’s ascent to revered new status levels within the sports car realm and motorsports at large.

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