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President of the India runs with a car worth 10.5 crore, know the features of this car

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Which car does the President of India use? There are some facts about the President’s car that are known first. The Ministry of Home Affairs clearly states that the make, model, and registration number of the cars used by the President of India is confidential information, and disclosure of such information may endanger the safety of the first citizen. So the information about the President’s car is only on the basis that we can see in the pictures. The President’s car does not have a license plate, instead, the national emblem is the Ashoka Pillar.

In the early years, the President of India used to use the Cadillac country to officially visit. Till the Constitution was enacted in 1950, the post of Governor-General was replaced by the President. At that time there was a convertible Cadillac country in the presidential convoy. It remained part of the convoy for years, later replaced by the ambassador of Hindustan Motors.

The era of liberalization started in the 90s. Many new brands started coming to India. After which the President also started using more luxurious cars. Shakar Dayal Sharma, KR Narayanan, and APJ Abdul Kalam owned the official W124 Mercedes S-Class. Shakar Dayal Sharma was the first President to start using S-Class limousine. They were followed by KR Narayanan and APJ Kalam as the next generation Bulletproof W140 S-Class official cars.

Former President Pratibha Patil, Pranab Mukherjee had luxurious Mercedes limousine cars. Pratibha Patil was the first woman President and during her tenure was the W221 Mercedes S600 Pullman Guard Limousine. Later, the same car is in service of Pranab Mukherjee and then the current President Ramnath Kovind.

President of India Ramnath Kovind uses the Mercedes-Benz S Class (S600) Pullman Guard (Mercedes-Benz S Class S600 Pullman Guard) car. It is the flagship model of Mercedes-Maybach (Mercedes-Maybach). It is a limousine car that has become the official car for the people of a country and especially those whose lives are at high risk. The S600 Pullman Guard is an armored car. The specialty of this car is that even shotguns, hand grenades, and small bombs from machine guns cannot spoil it. The ex-showroom price of this car is around Rs 10 crore 50 lakh.

This year a new limousine car was to be purchased for the President’s use. The President is currently using an older version of the Mercedes-Benz S Class (S600) Pullman Guard. The new car, equipped with state-of-the-art safety features, was scheduled to arrive before the next Republic Day. But now this plan has been put on hold.

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