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    Renault Formula 1 slams “stupid” Q2 tyre rule after Abu Dhabi F1 points miss

    Renault Formula 1 team Manager  has slammed the”Dumb” Rule that obliges motorists to start races used in Q2.

    In 2019, the 3 teams had a speed advantage their Drivers qualified in Q2 on moderate tyres, while people behind had a choice frequently leaving the four drivers in the remaining top 10 on softs – .

    A Strategy to Shed since the April 30 deadline for 2020 sporting law changes had passed, although the F1 Strategy Group discussed the tyre rule, unanimity was required.

    In the top, the Long Run A number of the satellites and Teams voted against any change, so much the rule stays in place for 2021 though unanimity isn’t required at this phase.

    “It had been More or less the worst situation concerning a race,” Abiteboul informed Autosport of their group’s Abu Dhabi outcome after Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg had qualified eighth and 10th.

    “From the constructors’ championship it had been nice, and we procured [fifth].

    “However We watched a demonstration of needing to begin on the palate, which provides an edge behind, of the regulation.

    “It had been agreed in the plan group, everybody agreed. When it comes to a vote, each of the arrangements appeared to return, and that exasperated me.

    “There was a reception from your Teams and their groups that are junior to prevent a change – since it is a law which has been engineered by the teams to safeguard them.

    “I really don’t believe that they want it, but it is an excess protection.



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